In this episode a coyote named wile e. Coyote takes great pleasure in tormenting a small bird named roadrunner. Roadrunner is trying to run away from wile e. Coyote. But the coyote keeps grabbing the birds tail to keep him from running anywhere. Than roadrunner breaks free but goes into wile e. Coyotes mouth Narrowly escaping. Wile .e coyote than draws a road on the wall to trick roadrunner into entering it. Roadrunner bangs against the wall until he is knocked silly. Wile e. Coyote revives him with water and picks him up. Roadrunner punches wile e. Coyote in the eye making him yelp in pain. The coyote chases the bird into a thing. His pairing, wileman (a cartoon wileman) enters the place and scolds wile e. Coyote for his bad mood. like if he makes one for mess. He would be kicked out of the room. the coyote promises To follow her orders. And sulks off.

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