Carnival Chaos
Season 2, Episode 22b
Date Aired: TBA
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Carnival Chaos is the second segment of the twenty-second episode of Season 2 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring The Warner Siblings.


An early sound Warners film from 1930 is shown where the siblings sneak into a circus sideshow, annoyed everyone at the carnival, refused to pay for their hot dogs and are chased through the circus by a police officer. What follows is a cavalcade of gags during an elaborate chase sequence. The Warners have been finally captured into the paddy wagon, when the police officer was posing the wagon as a free lunch wagon, and drives them off to jail, and the Warners winked to the audience as the cartoon ends.



  • "You know these kids, sir?" - Police Officer.
  • "Hardly. They ate their hot dogs and didn't pay for it. And I already saw what happened to the circus as it collapsed into pieces" - Hot Dog Vendor.
  • "Well, that makes these three dual offenders! (blows his whistle)" - Police Officer.
  • "(dressed as a chef) Free Lunch! Free Lunch!" - Police Officer.
  • "(after the Warners entered the paddy wagon) Gotcha! My job is out now. (he enters his paddy wagon and drives away, the Warners winke to the audience; segment ends)" - Police Officer.


  • This segment takes some similarities with the lost 1928 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short Hot Dog.
  • This segment marks the only occasion that the Warners don't speak.
  • Both the Hot Dog Vendor and the Police Officer are shown as a cat and a dog, respectively..
  • The 1930s Merrie Melodies opening is used at the beginning, excluding the words "A Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising Production".
  • Animation is handled mostly by Jon McClenahan in-house. Half of the scenes are animated at Rough Draft Korea.