Bugs Bunny - Volume 3 is a VHS Released in 1990 by Warner Home Video.

Description Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. Transylvania 6-5000
  2. To Hare is Human
  3. Knighty Knight Bugs
  4. Bugs' Bonnets
  5. 8 Ball Bunny
  6. Dumb Patrol
  7. Operation: Rabbit
  8. Bunny Hugged
  9. Homeless Hare
  10. French Rarebit
  11. Rabbit's Kin
  12. Big Top Bunny
  13. Hurdy-Gurdy Hare
  14. Ballot Box Bunny
  15. Rabbit Fire
  16. Hare Lift
  17. Captain Hareblower
  18. Piker's Peak
  19. Hare Brush
  20. Southern Fried Rabbit
  21. Foxy By Proxy
  22. Napoleon Bunny-Part

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