Barnyard Fugitive
Season 1, Episode 19
Date Aired: November 2, 2016
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"Multiplex Mallard"

Barnyard Fugitive is the nineteenth episode of Season 1 of The New Looney Tunes Show, being a half-hour special, starring Barnyard Dawg.


After being pranked by Foghorn, Barnyard decides to have revenge for that, trying to steal a ostrich egg, but after being caught by the egg's mother, Barnyard gets chased by the police, while he takes the egg, but it hatched and the baby ostrich calls him "Daddy", much to the dog's dismay. For wronsening the things, he accidentally kidnaps Tweety, who appears to be a rare bird. After that, Barnyard becomes a fugitive, carrying both the ostrich and Tweety (who calls him "bad ol' criminal") and being chased by many characters, all of them wanting to collect a reward for him, while Babbit and Catstello try to catch Tweety for dinner.




  • This segment serves as an alternative version to Mother was a Rooster.
    • Also, it takes some elements from Catty Cornered (with Tweety being a rare bird).
  • The episode is considered non-canon, since it's a story told by Porky in a Alfred Hitchcock-like opening and closing.
  • Since this is a special, the show's intro is not shown.
    • The episode also starts with a modified version of the 1948 Warner Bros. Pictures intro, with the ring saying "WARNER BROS. ANIMATION" and the Time Warner byline above the "Presents" text, accompanied by Max Steiner's fanfare.
  • It takes some similarities to the 1980 special Bugs Bunny Mystery Special.

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