Alexa Bunny is the decendant of Lexi Bunny.


Alexa has light green eyes, small buck teeth, long dirty- blonde hair, with bright yellow fur with tanned face and stomach area.

Alexa Bunny
Personal Information
Aliases Alex


Gender Female
Species Rabbit
Age 17
Birthday 19th June,7890
Affiliations Caleb Bunny, Donte Duck, Merida Duck,
Occupation Singer/Actress
Homeworld Earth

Venus (sometimes)

Residence Acmetropolis
Interests Singing
Parents Winnie


Grandparents Patricia Bunny (ancestor, 2011)

Walter Bunny (ancestor, 2011) Lola Bunny (ancestor, 2011) Bugs Bunny (ancestor, 2011, possibly) Lexi Bunny (ancestor, 2772) Ace Bunny (ancestor, 2772, possibly)

Significant other(s) Caleb Bunny
Siblings Kathrine


Pet(s) Space Dog
Production Information
First appearance The Loonatics: 7700 Years On
Last appearance The Loonatics: 7700 Years On
Voiced by Jessica Jane Clements

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