Looney Tunes - 1952 is a UK VHS Released in 1993 by Warner Home Video.

Description Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. Who's Kitten Who
  2. Operation Rabbit
  3. Feed the Kitty
  4. 14 Carrot Rabbit
  5. Gift Wrapped
  6. Foxy by Proxy
  7. Thumb Fun
  8. Little Beau Pepe
  9. Kiddin' the Kitten
  10. Water, Water Every Hare
  11. Little Red Rodent Hood
  12. Sock-a-Doodle-Do
  13. Beep, Beep
  14. The Hasty Hare
  15. Ain't She Tweet
  16. The Turn-Tale Wolf
  17. Cracked Quack
  18. Oily Hare
  19. Hoppy Go Lucky
  20. Going! Going! Gosh!
  21. A Bird in a Guilty Cage
  22. Mouse Warming
  23. Rabbit Seasoning
  24. The Egg-Cited Rooster
  25. Tree for Two
  26. The Super Snooper
  27. Rabbit's Kin
  28. Terrier Stricken
  29. Fool Coverage
  30. Hare Lift

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